Daycares & Early Childhood Education Centers

Our vision resides on the principle that a vibrant and healthy community is possible when evidence-based knowledge, relevant information, and neurobiologically informed practices are accessible to everyone.

Daycare and early childhood education centers play an essential role in a child’s development and provide valuable support to families. The early experiences that children have within these environments form the foundation of wellbeing: social, emotional, physical and psychological.

The ICP team customizes and offers tailored courses to anyone in the educational sector working with children or supporting children’s mental health. The Institute of Child Psychology aims to be at the forefront of research and education while continually breaking down the barriers between science, practice, and public awareness. We are passionate about sharing the latest evidence-based practices that empower daycare providers, parents, teachers, and mental health professionals with concrete tools and strategies to nurture psychological well-being in children.

Our tailored courses can be customized regarding topic, format, and duration to cater to the organization’s unique needs.

We have a number of courses uniquely created for daycares and the educational sector that will help you to nurture optimal well-being for the children in your care!

Our “ Mental Health First Aid for Daycare Providers” course will equip you with tools to foster optimal psychological practices that bring the children in your care to a place of connection and safety.

At the Institute of Child Psychology, we want to foster lasting change in the lives of families and transform our community. Our mission is to make affordable mental health resources accessible to everyone. We believe strongly in dismantling the stigma around mental health and empowering caregivers and professionals to help children reach their full potential.

ICP co-founders, Tammy and Tania, are registered psychologists with years of experience working with children. Their team is widely regarded as leading experts in synthesizing complex neurobiologically informed practices into concrete tools and strategies that can be used immediately by staff and professionals supporting children’s mental health.

Are you looking for customized topics and training to better support your daycare and early childhood centers? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your staff understand the latest insights to support our children’s mental health.


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